Stop TB Partnership applauds the TB Decree signed by Indonesian President Joko Widodo

13 August 2021, Geneva, Switzerland – The Stop TB Partnership applauds the Presidential TB Bill that crowns Indonesia’s commitment to ending the TB epidemic by 2030.

Indonesia has one of the highest TB burdens in the world. Indonesia’s leadership strongly supported the ambitious targets outlined in the 2018 UN Declaration on TB and has continuously worked with national and international partners, including the Stop TB Partnership, and with the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), to establish a comprehensive multi-sectoral TB response.
The TB Bill, signed by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, will establish a concrete multi-sectoral TB response at the national and sub-national levels in Indonesia and instructs the creation of inter-ministerial and local level teams to accelerate the TB response.
The decree provides for an active role of civil society, TB-affected communities, and non-conventional TB actors such as media and influencers to accelerate Indonesia’s effort to end TB.


“This bill is very important and timely in supporting rights-based and people-centered responses in our TB recovery efforts in Indonesia so that we can bounce back better. It's noteworthy that this amazing achievement was led by the NTP of Indonesia, supported by numerous TB advocates in the country, and propelled by the support of our chairman Mr. Arifin Panigoro, the Stop TB Partnership and its Board," said Henry Diatmo, Executive Director of Stop TB Partnership Indonesia.

“We heartily welcome Indonesia’s TB bill, and we thank President Joko Widodo for his leadership and vision and maintaining his commitment to ending TB. It is amazing that, in spite of COVID-19 pandemic, we have leaders like President Joko and Prime Minister Modi, who are global champions for ending TB, ” said Dr. Lucica Ditiu, Executive Director of the Stop TB Partnership. “We urge all world leaders to take such bold steps and to live up to the promises they made at the UN High-Level Meeting on TB,” Dr. Ditiu added.

“We have the hard work ahead. There is no resting for any of us till we reach the target of zero TB. We must remember a crucial fact that the issuance of the Presidential Regulation on Tuberculosis Control is a stepping stone which gives us nothing but the spirit of our fight in the battle against TB. I am more than proud for the effort to end TB that each of us – including all of our stakeholders – put to make it to happen. It takes true grit and resilience to persist with our commitment to end TB. We  keep our hopes high and our work hard and together we make the world free from TB,” said Dr. Tiffany Tiara Pakasi, MA Coordinator, National TB Program Manager, Ministry of Health, Indonesia.

“It’s time to run and reach the destination as the start flag has been raised. Praise to all  the health workers who have been working very hard and  putting all efforts to fight TB during this hard time. Along with the issuance  of the Presidential Regulations on Tuberculosis Control, together we carry out  the  mandate to make  TB as  everybody’s business. Both TB and COVID-19 are lingering around us, it  needs  our action  to eliminate both diseases. We need to accelerate our effort and run faster. We have been jogging before, but we have to sprint now,” said Mr. Pungkas Bahjuri Ali, Ph.D, Director of Public Health and Nutrition,  Ministry of National Development Planning/ National Development Planning Agency/ Bappenas, Indonesia.
“There is no greater gift for all TB stakeholders other than the birth of the Presidential Regulations on Tuberculosis Control. It happens  at  the same time as the commemoration of  the Indonesian Independence Day on  17 August 2021.  This is just like none but a pivotal milestone for the further big work ahead and the country’s commitment to ending TB. Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, we must not let our guard down. Together we make the world free from TB,” said  Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi, M.Epid  Director of Directly Transmitted Communicable Disease Prevention and Control, Ministry of Health, Indonesia.