Stop TB Partnership launches second in a series of six video clips featuring Goodwill Ambassador Craig David

9 June 2010 - On World TB Day, 24 March, British R&B singer Craig David joined the fight against tuberculosis (TB) by signing on as a Goodwill Ambassador.

To prepare for his new role Craig travelled to Cape Town, South Africa in early March to learn more about TB. In the second of six video clips documenting Craig's voyage of discovery the Stop TB Partnership today launches CRAIG DAVID: "THIS IS ALL WORTHWHILE".

In this clip Craig talks to children about the effects of tuberculosis on young people, particularly the stigma they may face among their peers. He urges them to recognize the symptoms of tuberculosis and ask for help from a parent or teacher if they think they might be infected, reminding them that tuberculosis can be cured.

We see Craig interacting with kids outside the school, kicking around a football in the street, and sitting in the classroom, where he gives a poignant a cappella rendition of his hit "Walking Away", accompanied by the delighted children beating out a rhythm on their desktops as he sings "I'm walking away... to find a better day".

Visibly moved, Craig tells the group: "You guys, the fact that you understand it and you are aware makes me feel like this is all worthwhile."

The video was produced by Fabrica - Benetton's Research Centre on Communications. Four more videos will be released, one each week, between now and 7 July.

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