Stop TB Partnership launches videos featuring Goodwill Ambassador Craig David

2 June 2010 - On World TB Day, 24 March, British R&B singer Craig David joined the fight against tuberculosis (TB) by signing on as a Goodwill Ambassador.

To prepare for his new role Craig travelled to Cape Town, South Africa in early March to learn more about TB. Far from his world of packed concert halls and glittering celebrity events, he visited communities hit hard by TB, schools and a research centre. There he met people on the front lines - people who have beaten the disease, children and teens who face the threat of TB every day and scientists who have dedicated their lives to making TB history.

Craig's voyage of discovery was documented by a film crew, and the material was transformed by Fabrica - Benetton's Research Centre on Communications - into six fast-paced, informative and entertaining video pieces.

Today the Stop TB Partnership launches the first of these clips - "CRAIG DAVID: "IT'S ABOUT GIVING SOMETHING BACK"

In this clip David explains his motivations for joining the fight against tuberculosis and talks about the moving experiences he had in South Africa, from meeting schoolchildren by day to jamming with local musicians by night.

Craig discusses how--having been "blessed" with an incredibly successful music career--he wanted to "give something back" by raising awareness of tuberculosis, since he had been surprised at how few people had heard of this disease that kills millions of people and is present all over the world.

We see Craig interacting with South African schoolchildren, in particular one brave young girl who speaks up about her own struggle with the disease and earns maximum respect from Craig for her courage, frankness, and positive attitude, which he sums up as: "Yeah, OK, I had tuberculosis, dealt with it, and I'm getting on with my life."

Craig shares his hope that the power of music--which "has a place in everbody's life"--will help him to reach millions of people and have a positive impact.