Stories from the Field - April 2024

Country-Level Platform Partnerships

We are pleased to share the latest updates from our Stop TB Country-Level Partnership Platforms.  Please see below highlights from our partners.

Stop TB Partnership Cambodia

STB Cambodia is standing by the NTP to contribute and support the country towards achieving its goal of ending TB by 2030. The annual TB conference 2024 was held and organized by the National TB Program/CENAT in Phnom Penh from 4-5th April 2024. This conference brought together over 300 TB supervisors and key stakeholders to review, reflect, and prioritize the national TB services and interventions for 2024.






STB Partnership Cameroon

STB Cameroon calls out to the youth to Join the engaged youth network to fight TB via community action, sensitization, and advocacy to protect the rights, reduce the stigma of people living with TB, and increase funding for TB Response with simple actions for greater impacts.











STB Partnership DRC

The CLM-One Impact TB Committee held a meeting in Kinshasa, under the leadership of the NTP, Stop TB DRC and CAD had its One Impact TB data analysis meeting for the 1st quarter of 2024 which showed good engagement of TB patients in reporting the challenges they face via the App better than that of the 4th quarter of 2023. There were Proposed advocacy actions to be done in terms of the recommendations. CAD also had a TB supervision mission in 4 provinces of the DRC including Haut Katanga, Kinshasa, Kongo Central, and Tshopo on regular monitoring of CAD staff from the provinces to health centers, and by strongly supporting community members and TB patients using the App.


VSH Ethiopia

During the world TB Day 2024 award ceremony and in the heart of Ethiopia's fight against tuberculosis (TB) In recognition of the organizations outstanding contributions to the fight against TB, to celebrate and honor the remarkable achievements, Volunteer Heath Services was awarded crystal emblem and certificate from H.E. Dr. Mekedes Daba, Minister of Health. There was also a panel discussion convened on World TB Day aimed to shed light on the theme of the year and address the critical issue of TB human rights. The event brought together experts, policymakers, healthcare professionals, TB survivors, and advocates to discuss strategies for meaningful engagement and advocacy efforts in the fight against TB.



Stop TB Partnership Ghana

The Stop TB Partnership Ghana together with the country team of the global fund was present at a conference meeting hosted at the secretariat of the CCM to discuss an effective and closer collaboration with principal recipients which is aimed to clear up locked health commodities in the Tema port as a coalition of CSO on HIV, Malaria and TB were also in attendance.



Stop TB Partnership Indonesia

There was an online Advocacy on the protection of workers in the workspace with good support to enhance the spirit of medicine and achieve recovery so it can return to being productive on International Labours Day. Commemorating World Tuberculosis Day 2024, the Tuberculosis Control Partnership Forum or WKPTB launched the Partnership Guidebook for the Acceleration of Tuberculosis Control inviting Ministries and Institutions who are members of the Central TB Control Acceleration Team (TP2TB), WKPTB member partners and other vital partners.









Stop TB Partnership Kenya

The celebration of the incredible journey of bravery and perseverance of Samson Kibet, who prepares to return home after 25 months (about 2 years) of Extensive Drug Resistance TB treatment was celebrated. From isolation to triumph, Samson's 6-year TB journey since 2018 inspires us all.





STB Partnership Kazakhstan

On April 26, 2024, an Advocacy meeting was held on the development of the National “Stop TB in Kazakhstan” Partnership (NSTP) and enhanced involvement of the civil society to decreasing the TB burden in Kyzylorda oblast in the “BASTAU” business center within implementation of the Global Stop TB Partnership grant for 2024 in a new format.  Due to the advocacy meetings with the regional decision-makers, in Quarter 1 of 2024, funding for grants for TB NGOs from the local budget increased from 149 million tenge allocated ($334,830) in 10 regions in 2023 to 208 million tenge ($467,415) in quarter 1, 2024 allocated in 9 regions. It is planned to allocate grants in 3 more regions for 30 million tenge ($67,415).


STB Partnership Malawi

On the 30th of April, the Stop TB Partnership Malawi, PARADISO TB Patients trust, TB CSO network, FACT, MANASO and NTLEP held a luncheon meeting with the First Lady of Malawi, Her excellency Madam Monica Chakwera a TB ambassador on a journey of advocating and lobbying for the highest political will and intervention on TB in Malawi following her participation in the 2023 UNHLM events and TB Survivors and CSOs, at Statehouse in Lilongwe .


STB Partnership Nigeria

A 3 Delegation meeting of Stop TB Partnership in Nigeria was historic and incredible, uniting diverse groups with the goal of ending TB by 2030. Over four days, the joint effort highlighted unity and collaboration, deepening understanding of advocacy priorities and paving the way for strategic frameworks and workplans.







Stop TB Partnership Pakistan

Dopasi Foundation in collaboration with Provincial TB Control Program Punjab conducted 2 Chest Screening Camps at the Leprosy Hospital in Rawalpindi on the 28th of March and 4th of April 2024. Dopasi was also present at the 15th Biannual Chestcon2024 Pakistan Chest Society event. 






ACHIEVE Philippiens

About 900 members of the Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association (TODA) in Quezon City learned about TB and COVID-19 through an information dissemination campaign led by TODA Peer Educators trained by ACHIEVE and Apcaso under the Community Engagement and Leadership in Epidemic Governance (CELG) Project.

An online seminar was held, facilitated by The Global Fund Alongside Stop TB Partnership, amongst others Over 75 participants attended on Zoom wherein learned lessons on capacity-building and advocacy for the inclusion of LMPs in national TB and pandemic responses from 4 countries: Kenya, Philippines, Cambodia, and Cameroon.



STB Partnership Tajikistan

The deputy minister of health and social protection of the population Dr. Abdukholik Amirzoda together with the executive director of Stop TB Partnership, Dr. Lucica met briefly to discuss issues related to the prevention of the spread of tuberculosis in the Republic of Tajikistan. Also, during a working meeting on the 4th of May, he gave specific instructions and orders to the officials to strengthen the work on the issue of timely detection and registration of tuberculosis patients in Khatlon region. Information-cultural event under the title "Yes! We Can Eliminate Tuberculosis" was held on April 16, 2024, dedicated to World Tuberculosis Day, became even more colorful with continuous applause, calls for the fight against TB, messages from the art scene, sympathy for TB patients and belief in a TB-free tomorrow. There was Publication of an article "Role of religious workers on TB prevention" in the magazine of "Religion and Society" thanks to Committee of Religion, Traditions Regulation, Celebration and Ceremonies under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan for fruitful collaboration.

STB Partnership Uganda

Uganda Stop TB partnership joined the World Health Organization in Uganda and some partners to mobilize over 400 health champions in awareness-raising and community engagement activities to commemorate the World Health Day on the 14th of April. Some of the activities included a public sports walk, aerobics, dance, health medical checks, blood donation drive, networking, and speeches.





STB Partenrship Ukraine

Partners from many government institutions, NGOs, and TB communities joined to discuss the previous results of the Normative Barrier Analysis in the field of employment of people undergoing tuberculosis treatment. The suggestions expressed by the round table participants to finalize the presented Analysis are extremely valuable to the Alliance's expert team, as they provide an opportunity to identify the most relevant of the proposed changes to further focus efforts on their implementation.





From our side

One of our very own Chief of Global drug facility Stop TB Partnership, Brenda Waning made it to the TIMES magazine list of the 100 most influential people in Global health and was tagged A TITAN. She says it is all about great teamwork and support. This reminds us to believe in ourselves and all that we are to make a change.