Stories from the Field - August 2023

High level advocacy in the lead up to the UN High-Level Meeting on TB 2023

The Stop TB Partnership is dedicated to enhancing tuberculosis (TB) care at the country level through collaboration with National Tuberculosis Control Programmes (NTP) and aligning with The Global Plan to End TB. Their country-level partnership platforms have made significant progress in advocating for ending TB by 2030 through coordination and collaborative initiatives.

As we explore the activities of Stop TB National Parternships, a common theme emerges: a strong focus on advocacy in anticipation of the UN High-Level Meeting on TB; showcasing an unwavering commitment of these partnerships to end TB.


Stop TB Partnership Ghana

Stop TB Partnership Ghana, in collaboration with the Parliament of Ghana, recently organized a revitalization of the TB Caucus within Ghana's Parliament. During this event, the Speaker of the House committed to increasing funding for the fight against TB in the upcoming budget cycle. Additionally, they actively participated in the esteemed Global TB Caucus 4th Africa TB Summit, held from July 27-28, 2023, in Kenya. Themed "Charting a Political Course towards the UN High-Level Meeting on TB and Beyond," this two-day summit brought together parliamentary leaders and stakeholders from across Africa. Their involvement highlighted the African Parliament's ongoing efforts to combat infectious diseases and contributed to the development of a sustainable political response to TB in Africa and beyond.


Stop TB Partnership Pakistan

In July 2023, Stop TB Partnership Pakistan successfully united stakeholders, committed to jointly pursuing the eradication of TB. They emphasized the crucial role of affected communities and civil society in combating this disease, especially at the upcoming UN High-level Meeting for TB 2023. See attached report



Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe

Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe hosted a workshop to validate Community Rights and Gender (CRG) Assessment findings and develop an action plan. Attendees included representatives from the NTP, Stop TB Partnership, TB survivors, CSOs, Community Health Workers, and other ministries. The assessment revealed that many individuals, including key populations, lack awareness of protective measures. TB patients and key populations continue to face marginalization and barriers to accessing TB services. There is a collaboration between the Country-level Partnership Platform and the CFCS grantees at the country level through exchange visits



Stop TB Partnership Zambia

Stop TB Partnership Zambia, alongside TB influencer Jeromy and key stakeholders, organized a TB Q&A session as part of an awareness campaign. The initiative focused on educating and raising awareness among girls about TB prevention and treatment.




Stop TB Partnership Cameroon

The Executive Director of Stop TB Partnership Cameroon held a productive meeting with Stop TB Partnership DRC, addressing various aspects of the latter's activities. Discussions included proposals for digitalizing the Stop TB Partnership DRC's database, aiming to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness.




Stop TB Partnership DRC

In July 2023, Stop TB Partnership convened a meeting with the technical and financial partners of the PNLT to discuss the DRC's participation in the upcoming UN High-Level Meeting on TB. During the meeting, participants conducted a comprehensive review of the progress made in fulfilling the commitments and targets established during the UN High-Level Meeting on TB in 2018.




Volunteer for Health Servicies - Ethiopia

Supported by the Stop TB Partnership, the Ethiopian Parliamentary TB Caucus held a reinitiation meeting with the primary objective was to address key topics including the upcoming UN High-Level Meeting on TB, the "Deadly Divide" report, and Domestic Financing. This workshop brought together 30 members of the FDRE House of People Representatives, including those from the Health, Social, Development, Culture, and Sport Affairs Standing Committee. The meeting facilitated discussions on current TB Caucus issues, shared best practices, and proposed strategies for future engagement. The workshop culminated in the formulation of recommendations to enhance parliamentarians' involvement in the fight against TB.



Stop TB Partnership Tajikistan

In July 2023, Stop TB Tajikistan organized a training session focused on innovative TB treatment and adherence methods. The training highlighted the use of cutting-edge mobile applications, specifically OneImpact and "I LIKE VST" (Video-supported treatment), designed to assist individuals with TB, address their concerns, and promote treatment adherence. To extend the reach of these tools, Stop TB Partnership trained approximately 90 individuals, including TB treatment experts, TB Support Group members, outreach workers, and health professionals, on the effective utilization of both applications.



Stop TB Partnership Secretariat

FACT Malawi, in collaboration with various stakeholders, convened a preplanning meeting for organizing roundtable events scheduled for mid-August 2023 in the lead-up to the UN High-Level Meeting on TB 2023. Stop TB Partnershipprovided support for this meeting and delivered a presentation outlining the roadmap for preparing and participating in the UN High-Level Meeting on TB 2023.