Stories from the Field - December 2023

Country-Level Platform Partnerships

Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe


Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe participated in the 22nd  edition of ICASA 2023 hosted in Zimbabwe from 4-9 December 2023, supported by STB Kenya, Saywhat, Stop TB Disaster and Environmental Management Trust, Jointed Hands Welfare Organization, and WACI Health. Running under the theme ‘To address the multiplier effect of TB on PLHIV, collaborative efforts, and multisectoral approaches’. This calls for an integrated approach to TB and HIV care including enhanced access to ART for PLHIV, TB prevention and treatment services, and increased awareness and education about TB and HIV. This also formed the basis of the panel discussions which were hosted at the Community Village. Stop TB Partnership Platforms from around the world contributed to this conference by submitting their amazing work which was compiled into a video.


Stop TB Partnership Cambodia

In partnership with the National Center for Tuberculosis and Leprosy (CENAT), the Ministry of Health Cambodia, Stop TB Cambodia hosted the exchange visit of the Stop TB Partnership Kazakhstan from December 11–15, 2023. The exchange visit aimed to share the success story of Stop TB Cambodia, including KHANA's role in mobilizing national stakeholders’ engagement to reach the country's targets to end TB by 2030, to understand the current TB situation between both countries, including but not limited to the national TB priorities to improve TB case detection, prevention, treatment, care, and support services, and to develop a joint action plan between the Stop TB Partnership Kazakhstan and Stop TB Cambodia for strengthening a national partnership platform for contributing to the national TB response. During the visits, the delegates were able to meet and have interactions with the National TB programme management team, visit the TB laboratory, DR-TB Clinic, and TB active case-finding activities, and understand the roles of peer support groups of people affected by TB for the TB support services. In addition, the delegates had opportunities to talk with members of parliament to further understand the leadership and commitments of politicians in the national TB response in Cambodia.

Volunteer Health Services (Ethiopia)

Volunteer Health Services hosted the DRM & MAF workshop, with participants from line ministries, civil society, the private sector, donors, and technical partners. The main objective was to discuss the challenges and opportunities for domestic resource mobilization and a multisectoral accountability framework to accelerate the end of tuberculosis (TB) by 2030. The meeting highlighted the need for increased domestic funding for TB prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care, especially in high-burden and low-income countries. It also emphasized the necessity of a multisectoral accountability framework that ensures transparency, accountability, and participation of all stakeholders in the TB response. The participants agreed on the importance of clear roles and responsibilities, indicators and targets, data collection and reporting, independent review and feedback mechanisms, and incentives and sanctions within such a framework. The meeting concluded with a call to action for all stakeholders to work together to mobilize domestic resources and implement a multisectoral accountability framework for ending TB.

Stop TB Partnership Cameroon

The first edition of the African Health Leadership Award was chaired by the Prime Minister, Head of the Cameroonian Government represented by the Cameroonian Minister of Public Health, on November 16, 2023 at the Hilton Hotel in Yaoundé. Stop TB Partnership FIS - For Impacts In Social Health scooped the 3rd position in the category of NGOs working in health awards.







Stop TB Partnership Nigeria

The 2023 United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB, held just a few months ago, presented an invaluable opportunity to reflect on the progress made since the 2018 meeting and to chart a course forward. The theme, ‘Advancing science, finance, and innovation, and their benefits, to urgently end the global tuberculosis epidemic by ensuring equitable access to prevention, testing, treatment, and care,’ encapsulates the urgency and breadth of the challenge before us. While the UNHLM did not result in the anticipated Political Declaration, it has set the stage to take bold and decisive action at the national level. The UNHLM consultation meeting was designed to be a platform for us to collaboratively review the Political Declaration, identify key targets, and milestones, and address gaps in the national response to TB. The primary goal is to formulate a comprehensive National Roadmap that aligns with the commitments outlined in the Political Declaration. This roadmap will serve as a guide to enhance domestic resource mobilization and secure sustainable financing, ultimately working towards putting an end to TB in Nigeria.


ACHIEVE – Philippines

The Community Engagement and Leadership in Epidemic Governance (CELG) Project by APCASO  and ACHIEVE conducted a planning workshop that aims to enhance and strengthen the engagement of the Tricycle Operators and Drivers’ Associations (TODAs) in TB, and pandemic preparedness, prevention, and response. The project engaged the TODA community in the development of plans for their engagement. Data was collected from the realities and experience of TODA officers and members, Quezon City Health Department, the Tricycle Regulation Division, and the CSOs such as Culion Foundation, Inc., Breathe Free Ph, and Philippine Alliance to Stop TB - PASTB.




Stop TB Partnership Ukraine

Stop TB Partnership Ukraine participated in the National Forum under the theme ‘Role of the GGS and the TB Communities in the Implementation of the Decisions of the 2023 UN High-Level Meetings in the Context of the Implementation of State Policy Against Tuberculosis’. It was rich and meaningful in terms of making conclusions, as well as defining directions for further steps of civil society and the TB communities in the direction of fighting TB. The Chairperson of Stop Tuberculosis. Ukraine highlighted the urgency of addressing the ‘Global Plan STOP TB 2023-2030’ and the gap between planned and implemented points from past political declarations on TB. Emphasizing the need for political will and civil society engagement, he warned of the potential loss of 234 million lives globally. Stressing the personal impact on Ukrainians, especially children, suffering from TB, he urged collective action. The full broadcast recording is available on call:…The STBP Ukraine created a video aimed on the results of the UN High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis this is directed to both representatives of the public society and broad sections of the population.


Stop TB Partnership Tajikistan

Stop TB Partnership Tajikistan compiled a story about a woman Gulnora Azimova's sharing her journey and experience towards the fight against TB. This woman is a hero indeed. I've included her amazing story here:






From our side

The Stop TB Partnership Secretariat provided a recorded video message from Luica for the 17th Annual General Meeting of the Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Health.             During the ICASA TB REACH team participated virtually and elaborated more on the TB REACH´s Wave 11 call for proposals on innovative approaches to integrate TB service delivery with lung health at the primary and community levels of the health systems. Remarks and solidarity message from Lucica, on the Night with the Stars and TB Awards dinner organized by STB ZIM.