Country-Level Platform Partnerships

We are pleased to share the latest updates from our Stop TB Country-Level Partnership Platforms. Our March Reader’s Digest is packed with exciting information about activities that were carried out on WTBD 2024 celebation. Please see below highlights from our partners.


Stop TB Partnership Cambodia

STB Partnership Cambodia launched the ‘’Switch to Red for World TB Day under the theme “Yes! we Can End TB” To mark and commemorate WTBD, on 24th March 2024.On March 29, 2024, STB Cambodia, in collaboration with ACT!AP/APCASO and the CCC secretariat, hosted a capacity-building training on Basic Knowledge of TB and PPPR amongst Peer Support Groups or Peer Networks of TB KVPs and Last-Mile Populations (LMPs) in Phnom Penh. This training brought together leaders and representatives from internal construction workers (TB KVPs and LMPs) from different five provinces.

Stop TB Partnership Cameroon

Celebrated the 31st edition of the fight against tuberculosis through 





Stop TB Partnership DRC

Active participation of the STB DRC in the health walk on the sidelines of the celebration of the JMT 2024 on Sunday 24th March 2024. On this important occasion three TB songs were produced by STB DRC in collaboration with TB Champion and musician Joss Diena. The songs carried the following key messages: TB is a serious but curable disease; in case of cough, you must go quickly to the health center to get tested and get your free treatment; and, TB is not a fatality. After illness, life goes on. STOP TB DRC, in collaboration with the National Tuberculosis Control Program, met on Friday, March 29, 2024, in Kinshasa on the restitution of the DRC's participation in the UN HLM 2023. During the meeting, STB DRC, discussed the five major objectives related to the achievement of the elimination of tuberculosis by 2030, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Stop TB Partnership Ghana

Stop TB Partnership Ghana in collaboration with other members of the TB community in Ghana joined the rest of the world to commemorate WTBD 2024 in the Eastern Regional capital, Koforidua.Another insightful event was discussions and presentation on the commumity health training school Wamale Campus on the 27th of March in commemorating the world TB Day. Additionally STB Ghana participated in a 2-day joint annual TB/HIV performance review. The review meeting under the theme; 20 Years of HIV Antiretroviral Treatment in Ghana: Celebrating the Progress Ending the Epidemic, took stock of the gains made so far in the fight to end tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS  




Stop TB Partnership Malawi

In commemoration of the WTBD, The Stop TB Partnership Malawi organized a media roundtable discussion in collaboration with NTLEP, WHO country office – TB department to discuss key critical issues for wider mobilization and sensitization ahead of WTBD commemoration, this event took place on the 22nd of March and was widely broadcasted in all media houses in Malawi. The key audience for this media round table discussion was policy makers, high level personalities, people affected by TB and CSOs. Key issues of discussion during this event were UNHLM commitment, breaking the barriers to TB Services, Sustaining the gains and Domestic Resource Mobilization – health financing strategy, and engagement of communities affected by TB in the TB response.



Stop TB Partnership Mozambique

Video spot on TB prevention, screening, treatment, and social commitment to fight the disease, was broadcasted on WTBD 2024 on the most popular television stations in Mozambique. In this video, THE Minister of Health, the NTP Manager, a national singer, CCS Executive Director, a TB champion woman, and the Stop TB Ambassador talk about the treatment, the national statistics of the disease, the symptoms, and the free availability of the treatment in health facilities throughout the country.



Stop TB Partnership Nigeria

Her Excellency, the First Lady of Nigeria. Senator Tinubu, was invested as a Global and National Stop TB Champion. Senator Tinubu declared a ₦1 billion commitment and reaffirmed her dedication to the Stop TB Partnership efforts. She emphasized the importance of enhancing joint efforts to ensure no one is overlooked. Senator Tinubu committed herself to the fight against TB, not only in Nigeria but also on a global scale, and called on the governors' wives across all 36 Nigerian states to support this critical endeavor.Stop TB Partnership Executive Director, Dr. Lucica, who was attending the event alongside Stop TB Board Vice Chair Austin Arinze Obiefuna, expressed pride in recognizing H. E. Senator Remi Tinubu as the Stop TB champion. Lucica added "Nigeria is setting historical records in TB diagnosis and treatment, driven by strong political leadership and community respect. Pre WTBD 2024 Press Conference in Abuja marked the beginning of a series of impactful activities planned for WTBD 2024 and also to spotlight the upcoming: National TB Conference 2024, providing insights into Nigeria’s ongoing battle against TB, and call for enhanced collaboration with the media to amplify TB awareness and increase access to TB services nationwide.


Stop TB Partnership Kenya

Joined the Ministry of Health, USAID Kenya, and other stakeholders in a Pre-World TB Day symposium themed Leaving No One Behind on TB Gendered Approaches. There were key speakers addressing delegates at the pre-World TB Day symposium launching on the current state of TB and informed policy-making and Gendered Approaches" underscores the importance of addressing tuberculosis (TB) through a lens that considers gender-specific challenges and needs. There was also the World TB DAY tree planting activity which took place in Laikipia County.



Stop TB Partnership Tanzania

The chairperson of the Action Africa Partnership who is the Chairperson of Tanzania STP and Executive director of Health Promotion Tanzania (HDT) on behalf of the Action Africa released the Press statement in Dar es salaam on behalf of members, urged the African Union member states and regional bodies to officially adopt the 2023 UN HLM commitments on TB targets, and adapt it in their context and in their national budget plans to end TB by 2025. He urged the African regional bodies such as EAC, SADC, and ECOWAS to assess the impact of TB on their constituents and develop actions to address them, encourage their members to realize TB in the political and economic context, also urged the Global Fund and World Bank to increase funding for TB allocation to Africa.TanzaniaSTP Mobilized its members all over the country to support the MoH/NTLP WTBD 2024 commemoration plan which was intended to increase TB sensitization and Active Case Finding at Community and Health Facilities levels, TB Partners in Tanzania were coordinated so that they played a great role of running training, working with News editors and reporters, community radio, social media and blogs in TB sensitization in their geographical areas of TB intervention coverage. As well, Tanzania Stop TB partnership conducted TB Dialogues through popular national radio and Television. TB dialogue was implemented as a model for pick up and future upscaling by partners and NTLP on successful experience on procedures and potential impact. Tanzania Stop TB partnership is on the communication with the MoH/NTLP, ITV Tanzania, and Radio One to sustain such TB dialogues which will be aired throughout the year.


Stop TB Partnership Tajikistan

Social activities were conducted for WTBD 2024, workers of the project "My community without tuberculosis" in cooperation with the Center for the Protection of the Population from Tuberculosis in the Vose district, diagnosed 3276 people related to tuberculosis patients - residents of the district using a portable X-ray device with artificial intelligence. tuberculosis. Stop TB Tajikistan TB Ambassadors were mobilized on WTBD 2024 and delivered powerful messages. Most of the activities conducted on WTBD 2024 were reflected on Tajikistan national TV and Radio station. Additionally, on the eve of World TB Day 2024, a TB anthem "No Tuberculosis" was produced and sung by the country's best singers – Stop TB Ambassadors. The song tells of the pain healing, and hope of the people affected by TB and urges each of us to contribute to ending TB.





Philippines –ACHIEVE

The STP Manila dialogue regional meeting took place between 13-16 March. The Philippines breaks the Guiness Book of World Record With a total of 5,596 participants on WTBD 2024 commemoration, the Philippines surpassed India’s previous record of 5,003 people creating the “largest human lung formation.” at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on Saturday, March 16, to raise awareness on TB.




Stop TB Partnership Pakistan

 District Health Administration Faisalabad, proudly supported a series of walks across all public health facilities in the district and awareness seminar in Balochistan and Monal. This initiative formed part of Faisalabad's comprehensive WTBD 2024 activities, led by the dedicated District Tuberculosis Control Officer.





Stop TB Partnership Indonesia

In the commemoration of the World Tuberculosis Day, Stop TB Partnership Indonesia (STPI) held a press conference with the title "Ahead of 6 Years of TBC Elimination Target, Indonesia Committed to Strengthen Innovation & Partnership".STPI recognizes the importance of partnership and innovation in TBC treatment.




Stop TB Partnership Ukraine

March 24 is World Day of Fight against tuberculosis, and for the third year in a row Ukraine is facing this problem in terms of the ongoing war. Despite tremendous challenges — destroyed medical facilities, displaced populations, power outages and ongoing threats — the Alliance for Public Health (APH) had a flash mob and its partners continue to tackle tuberculosis (TB) by effective TB case finding and linking to care, detection in vulnerable popuplation, implementation of mobile TB diagnostics and integrated services, mental health screening and treating co-infection with TB with positive measurable impacts. There were various awareness campaigns, competitions with gifts for parents in the response for TB in a raffle draw as there was also support from the government via diagnostic tools for TB detection as well as presentations.


VSH Ethiopia

The theme for WTBD 2024 focused on mobilizing resources and uniting to end TB. A walk was held from Ras Desta Hospital to EPHI, led by a marching band, to raise awareness about TB in the Addis Ababa community. WTD is a crucial opportunity to call for action and increased investment to end TB globally. The 18th Annual TB Research Conference (TRAC) was held, in Addis Ababa, coinciding with World TB Day. The key Highlights from Day 1 as opening ceremony was officially inaugurated by Ethiopia's Minister of Health, New Initiative Announced: USAID announced the launch of the SWIF-TB project, which aims to revolutionize TB case finding in Ethiopia's high-burden regions. Global Commitment to End TB: Partners like WHO, CDC, USAID, and GLRA pledged their commitment to ending TB in Ethiopia. The conference featured Dr. Lucica Ditiu, Executive Director of the Stop TB Partnership, and representatives from the African Union.





Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe

In commemoration of World TB Day, STB Zimbabwe partnered with the Ministry of Health and Child Care to conduct community outreach in Bubi District of Matebeleland North. They used the outreach to raise awareness, mobilize support, and eliminate the stigma surrounding TB. They used community outreach to create a relaxed environment to spread knowledge about TB, its symptoms, prevention, and treatment options. There was also the TB soccer awareness campaign by the TB champions and peer educators. Healthcare workers creatively utilized entertainment to raise awareness about TB, highlighting its preventable and curable nature. Their message resonated with all stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in the fight against TB. Their unwavering belief in our collective ability to end TB was echoed throughout the event with the powerful message. WTBD 2024 celebration. 


From our side:

Several advocacy and communication engagement campaigns: #Switchtored, panel session entitled Let Me Tell You a Story, by colleagues and TB survivors, TB photo booth session and get Your Cough Accessed by AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the GHC building. It serves as a reminder on our fight to eliminate TB by 2030 with our partners through gaps identification, resource mobilization, diagnostic innovation, funding, and grant management all for a greater impact with effective and efficient intervention.