The third Core Group (CG) meeting of the Global Drug-resistant TB Initiative (GDI)

The third Core Group (CG) meeting of the Global Drug-resistant TB Initiative (GDI) was held on 1 May 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland. All members of the CG, attended the meeting, along with observers from the Global Laboratory Initiative (GLI), Global TB Drugs Facility (GDF), Global Fund (GF), Infection Prevention and Control (IC) sub-group and the USAID.

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • To follow up on recommendations from the GDI/GLI forum, including the issue of the "call to action on the introduction of new anti-TB drugs"
  • To follow up on recommendations and action points agreed upon during 2nd GDI CG meeting and subsequent monthly teleconferences
  • To provide an update on the progress of the GDI Task Forces, and the Infection Control (IC) sub-group
  • To review the strategic priorities of GDI and plan subsequent activities for the next year; and
  • To discuss the GDI "costed framework" and the work plan

The participants were briefed about the activities of the GDI Secretariat since the second CG meeting held in October 2014.

Following discussions between the GDI CG members and interested participants from the Joint GDI/GLI Partners Forum, there was general consensus that no-one wanted any "new" structures outside of considering a new Task Force. Hence GDI CG agreed that the creation of a GDI Task Force to address this issue was the best solution.

A joint session of the GDI and GLI CGs discussed the issue of growing gaps between the number of MDR-TB cases detected and the numbers started on treatment. GDI and GLI chairs also reviewed the recommendations from the previous joint meeting, as well as relevant issues raised during the Joint GDI/GLI partners forum.

All meeting documents can be found at the ‘Meetings’ tab.