Tuberculosis quiz for World TB Day now online

21 March 2011 - New Delhi - Think you know your TB facts? Test your knowledge today with an online quiz that the World Health Organization's South East Asia office has launched for World TB day. The quiz features questions on TB symptoms, treatment and the global threat of the disease.

The quiz is now live and will be open to entries until the end of the day on 23 March. The top scorers will be announced on 24 March.

The quiz is part of the South East Asia office's efforts for this year's World TB Day. For more information, visit the website.

Over two million people with TB are being successfully treated every year in the region, and the proportion of the region’s population becoming affected with TB has been declining each year since 1990 and death rates are falling. However, the region is still home to one out of three people with TB in the world.