"Unrecognized Heroes Working in TB": Stop TB Partnership announces call for 2015 Kochon Prize

27 May 2015 - Geneva, Switzerland - Day by day, unknown and unrecognized people make miracles happen for those suffering because of TB. They are health workers, community workers, volunteers, researchers and all types of service providers. They battle restlessly with TB, and their efforts are making a huge impact in the lives of those affected by the disease -- but they are rarely recognized for their huge efforts and impact.

The Stop TB Partnership Secretariat is pleased to announce the call for the 2015 Kochon Prize nominations. This year’s theme, which was voted on and chosen by Stop TB partners, will focus on unrecognized/unsung heroes working in TB. It highlights the critical role health workers, community workers and volunteers play both in the developed world as well as in some of the poorest countries plagued with unimaginable shortages of health services and limited access to TB care.

Funded by the Kochon Foundation, a non-profit foundation registered in the Republic of Korea, the USD 65,000 prize is awarded once a year to persons or organizations that have made a highly significant contribution to fighting TB.

This year, the Kochon Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that we continue to recognize the heroes who go above and beyond each day -- the countless people who have made an enormous impact by saving lives on a daily basis. Continued investment in strengthening and supporting them and new generations is integral to advancing our health agenda in TB.

The nominations are open to individuals and organizations that are working very often in challenging situations, with professionalism and dedication, making significant impact away from the spotlight. These individuals and organizations are driven just by their desire to help, change and save the lives of those affected by TB.

All nominations should include:

Full details on submitting a nomination can be found by clicking here. Completed nominations should be sent no later than 24 June 2015.

The 2015 Kochon Prize will be announced and awarded at the 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health in Cape Town, South Africa in December 2015.