Valentines Day 2024 is Coming ❤️ Let's Share Love and Care!


06 February 2024 | Geneva, Switzerland

We are launching a campaign centered on the celebrations of Valentine's Day 2024. The campaign will run from 12 to 18 February 2024. We kindly ask all our partners, friends, family, and everybody else to join us at Stop TB Partnership in spreading love, embracing our cause, and supporting people affected by TB, especially those most vulnerable to this disease.

Millions of people every year suffer because of TB – either being personally affected or having a family member, a loved one, or a friend with TB. Beyond any financial investments, we want to ensure that we invest our love, understanding, and warmth for everyone who suffers. We want to show people with TB that the world cares about them, embraces them, loves them, and supports them. By linking arms and hearts, we can share our love and show that we care for people who are suffering because of Tuberculosis. Join us in forging an unbreakable chain of love, one link at a time, and let love conquer TB. All your tweets, posts and messages will appear on our website's "Wall of Love".

Here is how you can participate:

1. Share our e-card on social media and tag us @StopTB. You can also download our template and make your own e-card

2. Use our suggested messages below or create your own:

  • Spread love this #ValentinesDay! Join us in supporting those affected by Tuberculosis. Whether you are a healthcare hero, a survivor, or a caregiver, we're here for you! Share our card, tag us @StopTB , and use #LoveForAllCareForAll #EndTB to be part of our chain of love ︎
  • This #ValentinesDay, let's unite to share love & care for a cause that truly matters. If you care about ending Tuberculosis, join us in creating a chain of love. Share our card, tag @StopTB, and let your ︎ shine. Together, we can make a difference!#LoveForAllCareForAll #EndTB
  •  #ValentinesDay is not just about romantic love; it's about spreading love and support to ALL. Join us in showing love and care to those affected by Tuberculosis ︎! Share our card, tag @StopTB, and use #LoveForAllCareForAll Together, we can #EndTB 

3. Tag your friends, family, or colleagues to join the challenge

4. Use the hashtags: #LoveForAllCareForAll #EndTB

5. Post on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!


You can also consider changing your profile picture to our Valentines Day campaign profile pictureor use or Valentines Day social media header. 

This simple act can send a strong message of solidarity to the world.

Finally, you can also explore and share the valuable resources we've produced to address the

specific needs of key vulnerable populations affected by Tuberculosis. Information and tools can help save lives.

Our entire #LoveForAllCareForAll campaign social media toolkit is available here. We invite everyone to invest love, support, and empathy with the brave children, women, and men across the world who are affected by TB and those who care for them. 


Together We Can End TB!