World TB Day 2018: A Big Thanks to our Partners for the Biggest, Boldest and the Brightest Campaign ever!

The Stop TB Partnership-WHO joint campaign - "Wanted: Leaders for a TB-free world, You can make history. End TB" was a key opportunity to raise awareness about TB but most of all to galvanize political and public support across the globe as a lead up to the United Nations High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis in September, 2018. We are grateful to our partners across the globe for supporting the WTBD campaign to End TB by 2030.

Amongst the key highlights is the #LightUpforTB campaign that resulted in 66 landmarks, 50 cities and 24 countries that lit up in red for #TB to commemorate World TB Day on 24 March.

Our week long social media campaign reached a total of 18k followers on Facebook and 14500 followers on Twitter with a huge number of post shares and retweets. STBP gained 1103 new followers on Facebook and 509 new followers on Twitter!

Our campaign with MSF #StepUpforTB saw concerned citizens tweeting directly to their Heads of State asking them to become TB leaders and commit to ambitious targets to tackle this global health emergency.

If we start mentioning the activities organized by our partners across the globe, this newsletter will probably never end. However, we do want to acknowledge some unique moments: Sand art depicting the world TB day theme by Sudarshan Patnaik in Orissa, India; a bold public facing campaign by KNCV in the Netherlands, extensive celebrations by the TB programme in Iraq, #50leaderstoendTB in India campaign organised by our partners REACH in Chennai, numerous celebrations in Romania, Armenia and Ukraine among others, a country wide campaign to End TB by RESULTS Canada including the video message of support to End TB by Her Excellency in Nigeria and a speech by the First Lady of Democratic Republic of the Congo reflects key moments in history. Last but not the least, is the Stop TB staff-led event organized in Geneva together with colleagues from WHO on World TB Day.