Yes! We Can End TB

World TB Day 2023 Theme announcement

(Geneva, Switzerland) February 1 – The Stop TB Partnership today announced the theme for this year’s World TB Day: “Yes! We Can End TB.” The theme brings attention to tuberculosis (TB) and that it is in our collective power to end TB by 2030 and therefore reach the SDG goals. We decided to choose a theme that brings hope and builds on the amazing work done in 2022 by many TB High Burden Countries to recover from the impact of COVID epidemic and to ensure access to new diagnostics, new treatment regimens, digital technology and artificial intelligence (AI) for the TB response. It also centers on the increased engagement of those affected by TB, communities and civil society that is leading the movement towards ending this disease. 

This year is going to be critical for all of us engaged in TB work and should be championed as the ‘year of hope’ to get full support, attention, and energy for a collective ‘YES! We can End TB’. 

The 2023 theme is very generous with the possibility of including tailored messages and sub-themes to create a sense of urgency and illustrate the need for rapid, scale-up action and urgent investments. 

There are several key areas to focus on such as financial needs to scale up implementation and speed up, research and development of new tools including a new TB vaccine, access to new rapid molecular diagnosis and to new shorter and more efficient treatment regimens, TB prevention, TB in children, strengthening and funding Communities, Rights and Gender (CRG) work.   

The campaign will also contribute to boosting global TB awareness and ensure the endorsement of a strong political declaration and maximum participation by the Heads of State and Heads of Government at the upcoming UNHLM on TB in September 2023.

We know very well that, as WHO’s TB Report 2022 showed, TB mortality rates have increased for the second year in row and the TB incidence has also increased for the first time in more than a decade. We also know that despite moving closer to achieving some of the 2022 UN HLM TB targets, they still remain unachieved.

However, we also witness incredible efforts done by several countries to overcome the heavy impact of COVID on their national TB response. We also see that there is an incredible energy in bringing to the forefront and ensuring access to new diagnostics, new treatment and preventive regimens, new recommendations, and guidelines. We see how the voice of people affected by TB is rising higher and higher and they gain a central role in TB response in many countries. We know that investments in TB are crucial for the PPR and UHC work. 

We know that we can end TB! So, let's embrace this 2023 World TB Day theme together and let things happen!

Following this announcement, on 22nd February we will officially share the “Yes! We Can End TB” campaign toolkit and materials - in multiple languages to ensure we are ready to roll!