The majority of the respondents of the 2016 survey (64%) are not grantees of any of the available grants or involved in technical assistance for Global Fund processes. Of the 29% who are grantees 6% are involved with TB REACH, 7% with the Challenge Facility for Civil Society and 6 % are clients of the Global Drug Facility. Of the 10 % of the respondents are involved in Global Fund processes technical assistance , 4% are providers and 6% are recipients of the technical assistance. The remaining 7% do not know about the grants or activity.

The Global Drug Facility has changed the landscape of TB care since its creation in 2001 by increasing access to high quality and affordable TB treatments & diagnostics to populations in need. GDF today, is the largest supplier of quality-assured patient treatments (first-line drugs, second-line drugs and paediatric forms) in the public sector worldwide. GDF is a unique TB medicines procurement mechanism providing technical assistance and innovative tools to countries, as well as supporting key projects like TB REACH, TB Expert in the diagnostic field.

Partners ( 83% ) are aware of the Global Drug Facility, of whom 41% of the respondents have experience in working with GDF, 57% of them being a partner of the GDF , 28% are clients of GDF and 15% are suppliers for GDF.

Partners say.....

- Thank you for all you do. You are a competent, technically sound, committed group of individuals who bring your passion to the fight against TB. We wouldn't be where we are with the gains without you all.

- Thumb Up, In the word of Mother Theresa, I can't do what you can, and you can't do what I can't but together we can do great things.

- GDF is doing great work for developing countries and if ever TB eradicates from the world it will be because of GDF.

- Stop TB never left any key affected population behind which is good and best example for government and international.

- It is good to see Stop TB Partnership standing as a strong and independent international forum.

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