Mayowa Joel, Communication for Development Center, Nigeria

Deputy: Russel Dacombe, Liverpool Associates in Tropical Health, UK Personal page

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Project 2010-2011

Community perspective on policies, tools and services of TB diagnostics in sub-Saharan Africa

TB affected communities especially those in high-burden countries continue to face huge challenges in having easy access to timely and accurate TB diagnostics services.

Their limited knowledge on the available and recommended policies, tools and services also hinders their ability to do proper advocacy in this regard. This project aims at working directly with members of the affected communities in at least three developing countries to understand and highlight the knowledge gaps regarding the policies and services of TB diagnostics in these countries.

The work currently underway focuses on the following aspects, for which a report will be posted in 2012:

  • Country specific situational analysis on TB diagnostics policies and services
  • Country specific community perspective on TB diagnostics
  • Country specific recommendations to improve TB diagnostics
  • Key advocacy messages and steps for improving TB diagnostics especially in these countries