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Subgroup Members

Project 2011

A definitive nomenclature for the spectrum of latent tuberculosis infection

The definitions around latent tuberculosis are unclear and need to be re-defined in the light of recent research developments and to help guide new research and policy.

This project involves a formal review of all relevant literature around latent tuberculosis infection to propose a new definition for each component of this broad spectrum of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, including early clearance of the organism. The report will be posted in 2012.

Project 2009-2010

Coordinator: Dr. Dick Menzies, McGill University, Canada

Optimization of the web-based tool for interpretation of TST results and review of performance for two IGRA tests

The Diagnostic for Latent TB infection Subgroup has been involved in the development and evaluation of Interferon Gamma Release Assays (IGRA) through extensive literature reviews and the creation of a web-based tool helping in the interpretation of TST results. Additional research is requested to ensure the whole strategy is answering the specific medical needs of highly burdened countries.

The objective of this project was the optimization of the existing tool for interpretation of TST results and review of performance for two Interferon Gamma Release Assays, in particular through the improvement of a computer based tool for improved data capture on TST results and the up-date of literature review for sensitivity, specificity and associated risk of disease with 2 IGRA tests.

Link to: The online TST/IGRA interpreter website