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Project 2010-2011

Advocacy and knowledge exchange on Childhood TB

The Childhood TB Subgroup of the New Diagnostics Working Group has been created in 2009, in order to support the development of new diagnostics tools and strategies to stop TB in children.

Since its launch, the Subgroup has established and maintained a representative membership, established links with other ongoing initiatives and subgroups, informed the WHO Global Plan Update for Research on drugs, diagnostics and vaccine components to include paediatric TB, engage and involved paediatric TB diagnostic researchers to present data on novel research findings, published a consensus paper on diagnostic challenges and needs in childhood TB, engaged with advocacy groups for diagnostics relevant to children and with funding agencies to mobilize resources for TB diagnostic studies in children.

Additional and continued efforts are necessary to improve methods to diagnose TB in children and the Subgroup. Below are some of the initiatives in which the group engaged in last biennium, in order to increase awareness and involvement by the scientific community and in order to promote shared knowledge and experiences.

  • Compiling technical guidance including a model protocol and SOPs for TB diagnostic testing in children
  • Engage and involve new paediatric TB diagnostic researchers to present data on novel research findings of TB diagnostics in children through attendance of regional or international TB meetings
  • Establish and maintain a Childhood Subgroup website - linked to the larger websites: Working Group, WHO Stop TB, Union and DEWG Childhood TB Subgroup

Childhood TB Technical Guidance
Childhood TB Research Priorities
Presentation at NDWG Annual Meeting