Place an Order for Medicines

Follow these steps to ensure timely processing of your order:

  1. If you are a new client, request a client account by visiting GDF Order Management System and clicking "Request client account". Once the request is submitted, you will be contacted by a GDF Country Supply Officer responsible for your country and provided with a username and password to proceed. If you already have a username and password, please proceed to Step 2 directly.
  2. Log in and complete your client profile on the GDF Order Management System. Your profile will be saved for any future procurement requests and can be updated as needed. For more details, please see the Step-by-Step Guide.
  3. Generate an online Procurement Request Form (PRF) for medicines by clicking "Generate PRF for Medicines" under "Procurement Request Forms". All procurement requests should be accompanied by a document showing quantification of products. This should be uploaded under "Documents" in the PRF.
  4. Your Country Supply Officer will provide you with a price quotation.
  5. Sign the price quotation and send a scanned copy back to your Country Supply Officer.
  6. Transfer the necessary funds to the account indicated on the price quotation. Your order will then be placed with the supplier/s. You will be able to track the status of your orders on the GDF Order Management System under "Orders".
  7. Once your products are ready for shipment and quality control has been carried out, you will receive an Authorization Request for shipment.
  8. Review and verify the shipping documents provided with the Authorization Request and confirm your readiness to receive the shipment.
  9. Delivery is arranged according to the agreed-upon INCOTERM.

Standard lead times from final order placement (i.e., step 6 above) to delivery vary from 4 - 6 months. This lead time comprises production, quality control, pre-shipment inspection, internal processing, and transport to the destination.