Ukrainians Against TB, Ukraine

Final Report      

'Ukrainians Against TB' passionately advocated for the palliative rights of TB patients. Following a thorough situational and policy analysis stage, the NGO held a number of meetings with representatives of the Government and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to discuss the poor access and treatment of TB patients in hospice care. Based on the results of their work, a number of proposals have been elaborated and discussed at the highest levels of government. Specifically, their policy efforts aim to introduce changes and amendments into Ukraine’s legislation on public health to ensure compliance with present-day requirements of international law.

Ukrainians Against TB also proposed draft amendments to the 'Budget Code of Ukraine' and to regulations concerning local self-governance and local state administrations. The proposed amendments are aimed at ensuring effective use of funds of the public health system at the regional and local levels and at ensuring palliative and hospice care provision for patients with TB in a terminal stage.

Ukrainians Against TB demonstrates a success story; their efforts have contributed to local and national government recognizing their role in the fight against TB.


Asociacióon Vida Salud y Bienestar, Colombia

Final report    

Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB) patients in Buenaventura, Colombia are understandably worried. Insurance companies are often reluctant to provide coverage for the full time required for TB treatment. As a result patients often interrupt treatment leading to further amplification of drug resistance. Patients turn to Asociación Vida Salud y Bienestar for legal support against the insurance providers. This NGO supports them in preparing court cases to go to trial, and trains people from the community on TB so that they can accompany patients to legal appointments and court hearings. The organization met with representatives of the National TB Control Program, Doctors of the World, German Technical Cooperation, Doctors Without Borders, and the municipal health secretariat - the main actors in the region - to discuss collaboration in future work to address TB patients´ needs in Buenaventura.

Moreover, they have supported the Robert Koch Association, a TB patient association, with advocacy training, legal guidance, and political negotiation.


SORAK Development Agency, Uganda

Final report      

'SORAK Development Agency' have worked with the civil society, health providers and local government members in Uganda for find an answer to mitigate and raise awareness on TB/HIV co-infection. As a result, the local authority recognized TB/HIV as a serious public health concern in the district, hence its incorporation in the district health operational plan with an increase in the budget allocation from 25% in 2009/10 to 48% for the period of 2010/11. In addition, it has improved the cooperation between the governmental and local organizations regarding TB activities in the district. There is also an important increase of 40% in awareness & knowledge of TB/HIV health behavior in the population. The continuous advocacy for good health services were addressed by the health providers by hiring 11 additional health personnel in the medical centers.