GDF offers a full suite of Technical Assistance (TA) and capacity-building services to address challenges that a National TB Program (NTP) may be facing in procurement and supply planning. GDF provides these services via remote assistance, in-country missions, participation in Joint TB Program Reviews, and in-country trainings at sub-national, national, and regional levels. GDF’s TA and capacity-building services aim to:

  • strengthen anti-TB medicnes quantification and order processing, through introduction of downloadable tool, QuanTB, to improve the accuracy and reliability of TB medicines quantification;  
  • develop and Manage functional Early Warning System to facilitate medicines procurement planning and prevent stockouts, overstock and product expiries;
  • guide countries on procurement and supply planning components for Global Fund proposal development, grant closure and reprogramming
  • adopt best practices for procurement and supply planning, considering the most recent standards of TB care, transition to domestic funding and optimized ordering frequency;
  • expedite introduction of new TB Medicines, regimens and diagnostics through development and monitoring transition scenarios to inform rational roll-out aligned with new TB treatment guidelines.

In addition, GDF works to:

  • assess countries’ preparedness to implement new TB tools;
  • coordinate procurement and supply chain activities along with global and local partners, such as USAID, WHO, rGLC, the Global Fund, the Union and KNCV, among others; 
  • lead procurement and supply chain activities during joint TB programme reviews, the development of Global Fund funding requests and grant making;
  • organize workshops and on-the-job training to ensure that countries have the best tools to manage their TB product procurement and supply chain.

To learn more about GDF’s technical assistance and capacity-building services, or to request technical assistance, please contact GDF at