Membership to the core group is by nomination, election and invitation by the current core group members and secretariat.

  • The major constituencies to be represented on the core group include:

​​​               - National TB Programmes

               - Stop TB Technical and donor partners including NGOs, corporate sector and professional associations.

               - Representatives from other relevant Stop TB Working Groups.

               - Academic / Research institutions.

               - Patient / community representatives.


  • Membership to be institutional rather than individual (excluding for ad hoc purposes)

  • About a third of the core group members will be replace every 2 years.

  • Chair will be elected/re-elected every 2 years.

  • New nominations will be solicited pro-actively from individuals/institutions that have not applied but have a potential to contribute substantively.

  • WHO Regional Advisors are ex-officio memebers.

Objectives of the Core Group

  • To oversee and steer the work of the Working Group

  • To hold face to face meetings around the annual Union Conferences and the PPM Working Group meetings and participate in the teleconferences organized by Working Group Secretariat as and when needed.

  • To advise the Secretariat in developing PPM Strategic Work Plans.

  • To support the Secretariat in coordinating and monitoring PPM activities and progress.