Digital TB Surveillance System Assessment Report

As part of The Global Fund Strategic Initiative (SI) for Data system, this report provides a rapid assessment of the digital TB surveillance systems in 19 TB SI countries and provides strategic recommendations and a roadmap for the countries towards a comprehensive, digital, case-based, real-time, TB surveillance system as a critical approach to ending TB.

Most high TB burden countries currently have digital case-based TB surveillance systems at various scales of implementation. While some countries use TB-specific and locally developed ICT systems, many others use platforms, including DHIS2. However, there are challenges related to software, hardware, coverage, human resources, training, data regulations, data hosting and ownership, political and administrative will, and so on that need to be systematically identified and prioritized.

Part of the critical task of the Global Fund Data Strategic Initiative (Data SI) is to facilitate countries to rapidly adapt and scale-up real-time digital case-based surveillance systems for TB. The Stop TB Partnership, as a partner implementing the SI, has initiated this project and conducted a rapid assessment of the real-time digital case-based surveillance systems in TB SI priority countries. As a result, this report provides also country-specific recommendations. As the next steps,  the SI will provide the necessary support to implementers, including national governments, NTPs, and partners, to strengthen countries’ real-time TB surveillance systems. This assessment was done with the intention to understand the timeliness of data availability, use and coverage of digital tools, the granularity of data, use of the information for surveillance and action, and the system to develop, maintain, and integrate and innovate such tools with adequate data security measures.

Digital TB Surviellance System Assessment Report Online
Digital TB Surviellance System Assessment Report
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