A Stop TB Partnership Partners Town Hall meeting was held on the 24th October 2016 at the Liverpool Town hall. The first part of the day was dedicated to a Town Hall meeting that brought together people from all over the globe whose lives have been affected by TB – working in hospitals, dispensaries, ministries, laboratories or people who care about people affected by TB. The 150 participants, shared their achievements and successes, frustrations and challenges, problems and solutions in a joint effort to fight TB. The evening was dedicated to the Stop TB Partnership’s Awards Ceremony and gala dinner. The awards consist of the prestigious Kochon Prize, as well as several other awards to recognize the work of our colleagues and partners. The Awards included: 

  • The ‘Imagine’ award was introduced with support from partners (Cepheid in this occasion) to recognize leadership of a country TB programme in pursuing the introduction and scale up of new tools-diagnostics/drugs/treatment regimens. The winners was chosen based on a set of criteria, and is the South Africa NTP.
  • The World TB Day award was given to Stop TB Pakistan for their dedicated advocacy efforts and events on and around World TB Day.
  • Five IPADs winners was a random selection of partners who took the Partners Satisfaction survey 2016.

Community Based TB Organization (CBTO)


Community Based Organization



Faith Based Organization



Patient Network

Jimma Zone Health Office


Government Health Centre

HOPE CARE Foundation


Developing Countries NGO

  • The 2016 Innovation Prize went to Asha Kalp, an Indian NGO working with tribal and indigenous people who often have poor access to TB care services. Asha Kalp employed community health workers to provide TB screenings and treatments in the communities. The Stop TB Partnership Pakistan was awarded the World TB Day 2016 Prize for their advocacy efforts and events on and around World TB Day. Finally, a Partners Engagement Prize was given to five members of the Stop TB Partnership selected by random draw, for participating in the yearly partners’ survey.


A Stop TB Partnership's evening was held on the 9th October 2017 at the Quinta Real Hotel, Guadalajara. The evening began with a reception and entertainment from a Mexican cultural troupe comprising of an all-female mariachi band and various folk dances of Mexico. The Director of the Public Health Department Mr Fernando Petersen representing the Guadalajara Mayor’s office gave the key note address and welcomed all 130 guests to the evening and the city. This was followed by the launch of the first 90-(90)-90 progress report of the Global Plan to End TB 2016 - 2020 which establishes the baseline versus each work and achievements that will be measured to ensure optimal coverage along the pathway of the cascade of care for TB treatment needed in order to move towards ending TB. Welcoming the report, Dr Paula Fujiwara, the Union's Scientific Director said, "This is the first following report to the Global Plan to End TB, and it brings a necessary and sobering message -- that we have a long way to go! But it also gives us an important opportunity to do better, to push the envelope to join hands to end TB." A talk from Senior Editor Meg Bryne, from PLOS ONE on “The power of publishing” followed the launch. The awards ceremony consist of several awards in six categories to recognize the work of country programmes and organizations. The eleven awards included:

  • The Country & Community Support for Impact (CCS4i) Team awarded prizes for effective community monitoring for accountability to the Civil Society Movement against Tuberculosis Sierra Leone and the Stop TB Partnership Tajikistan.
  • Friends for International TB Relief (FIT) from Vietnam were awarded the 2017 TB REACH Initiative’s Prize for delivering innovative, community-based solutions which significantly improved the detection, linkage to treatment and follow-up TB care.
  • For exceptional effort in ensuring a Paradigm Shift in TB, the Stop TB Partnership Executive Director’s Office awarded the Paradigm Shift prize to the National Tuberculosis Programme of India. Accepting the award, India’s Revised National TB Control Program Manager Dr Sunil Khaparde said, "India has a plan to recognize the bold vision. The Prime Minister of India aims to eliminate TB by 2025, and not 2030. We are very committed and a number of very important projects are going on in India. We are also working to establish universal access to TB diagnostics."
  • Project Hope Kazakhstan was awarded the World TB Day 2017 Prize for the organization of a series of events, including hosting an international media training tour for issues in TB among labor migrants involving over 21 journalists, to commemorate World TB Day this year
  • The Global Drug Facility team awarded three countries for excellence in TB procurement and supply chain. Sri Lanka was recognized as a leader in scaling up new tools, Zimbabwe was awarded for excellent work in accurately quantifying the procurement orders and Turkmenistan received the award for leading efforts to efficiently plan orders.
  • Partners Engagement Prize was given to three partner organizations - the Moldovan Center for Health Policies and Studies, Development AID from People to People (DAPP) from Zimbabwe and Socios and Salud from Peru which were selected through a random draw, for participating in the 2017 Partners Survey.