High-Level Advocacy

  • Launched the Global Plan to End TB and the 90-(90)-90 targets
  • Secured Heads of States’ commitment to increase TB financing and achieve the 90-(90)-90 targets
  • Chair of the Board launched and led successful campaign for a UN HLM on TB
  • G20 Heads of State recognized TB as a key priority and G20 Health Ministers recognized the lead role of the Stop TB Partnership

Global Drug Facility (GDF)

Between 2001 and 2017:
  • Delivered 29.7 million adult TB treatments, 1.8 million pediatric TB treatments, 258,006 treatments for drug-resistant TB
  • Procured TB diagnostics worth US$ 173 million for more than 93 countries
  • Ensured bedaquiline, delamanid and new pediatric formulations are available, as well as a stable and competitive supplier base


Between 2010 and 2016:
  • Provided 180 grants in 48 countries for US$ 111 million
  • TB REACH grantees, working in close collaboration with national TB programmes, diagnosed and treated over 2 million people with TB, saving 900,000 lives in the most underserved populations
  • Informed the development of global guidance on TB detection and care through in-country experiences

People & Affected Communities

Between 2007 and 2017:
  • Through Challenge Facility for Civil Society, awarded 131 grants via seven rounds of funding, strengthening grassroots community systems
  • Developed and implemented a TB Gender Assessment Tool, 10 Key Population Guides, a Legal Environment Assessment Tool and a TB Law Case Compendium
  • Strengthened TB Survivor Networks through four regional and 56 national networks of people affected by TB
  • Training and implementation of the TB/HIV Gender Assessment Tool, the Legal Environment Assessment Tool and the Action Framework for Key, Vulnerable and Underserved Populations is underway and being rolled out in several high-burden countries