2017 Strategic Initiative - Global kick-off meeting (8 October, Guadalajara, Mexico)

Organized by the Stop TB Partnership and in collaboration with the Global Fund, World Health Organization (WHO) and USAID, the National TB Programmes from 13 Catalytic Funding-TB priority countries were invited to come together with various national and international technical agencies, donor agencies and other partner on 8 October 2017 in Guadalajara, Mexico to officially kick off the Global Fund’s Strategic Initiative to Find the Missing People with TB. More than 110 participants from around the world came together at this full-day event to coordinate and mutual support each other, in such way that planned TB case detection work is targeted at the highest-risk and vulnerable groups, implemented in epidemiological “hot spots” and with relevant data collected and used for maximum impact in reaching out and testing people for TB currently missed by TB programmes.

The kick-off meeting successfully pursued four objectives:

  • Informing about the Strategic Initiative (SI) on Finding the Missing People with TB and types of technical support available for Catalytic Funding-TB countries.
  • Sharing of recent country examples on how to optimally use data for tailoring, planning, implementing and monitoring TB case detection interventions.
  • Organization of country-specific group work sessions and subsequent regional group work sessions to share discussion outcome and allow for cross-learning.
  • Identification of next steps for every priority country and Strategic Initiative Partners towards full operationalization of TB case detection interventions.

More information can be found below.

Conference report (hyperlink)

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Agenda (hyperlink)