24 February 2023 - Geneva, Switzerland - On behalf of Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF), IDA Foundation (IDA), the GDF- contracted procurement agent, invites all eligible suppliers to submit bids (ITB) for:

ITB-IDA/GDF-MED/2023/1, pretomanid tablets for the period until 31 December 2023. 

The purpose of the ITBs is to select a panel of suppliers who will enter into a long-term agreement with IDA for pretomanid.

The ITBs are open to bidders whose products have been deemed eligible for inclusion in the tender in compliance with GDF's Quality Assurance policy and procedures.  A bid submitted for a product/s for which the bidder has not received regulatory approval status in accordance with the GDF Quality Assurance policy and procedures shall not be considered for the ITB evaluation

All bids are subject to the Instructions to Bidders and other provisions, specifications and instructions as contained in this dossier.

The ITB comprises of the following:

Bidders are requested to quote unit prices in accordance with the following delivery terms: EXW (Ex-Works), FCA (Free Carrier Alongside) and DAP India.

Failure to adhere to the requirements of the ITB may lead to disqualification of the bidder and/or rejection of the bid.

Deadlines for electronic submission of Technical and Financial Bids: Friday 3 March 2023, 17h00 IST (India Standard Time) or 12h30 CET (Central European Time) 

Public opening of the Financial Bids, accessible remotely, will take place on Monday 6 March 2023 at 13h30 IST (India Standard Time) or 9h00 CET (Central European Time)  

Request for clarification - Answers 01.03.2023