Relational Sequencing TB Data Platform

The Relational Sequencing TB Data Platform (ReSeqTB) catalogs a vast amount of genotypic, phenotypic and related metadata from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) strains to enable the development of clinically useful, WHO-endorsed in vitro diagnostic assays for rapid drug susceptibility testing of Mtb. It provides a standardized and validated whole genome sequencing analysis pipeline and a source of curated, aggregated, clinically relevant genetic and associated metadata for global Mtb strains. Having these standardized and validated data easily accessible under one platform will accelerate the development of rapid drug susceptibility tests for TB and will significantly improve diagnosis of drug-resistant disease in TB patients and, one day, directly enable sequencing data interpretation for personalized patient care.

The initiative is led by a collaborative partnership which includes the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Critical Path Institute, FIND, NDWG, WHO, CDC, and NIAID. The New Diagnostics Working Group actively contributes to this consortium and the NDWG Co-Chair, Dr. Daniela Cirillo, is part of the Leadership Team. Dr. Stefan Niemann, Coordinator of the NDWG Task Force on Next Generation Sequencing, is a member of the Core Advisory Group and Expert Panel, thus ensuring integration and reporting of data.

Application for accessing the ReSeqTB Data Platform