TB REACH employs a two-stage application process. At the initial stage, applicants submit a proposal focusing to demonstrate the organizational capacity of the applicant to implement a TB centered project. Further, the stage-1 proposal should help demonstrate the ability and track record of the applicant’s organization to deliver on fast-track timetables and present a logical, consistent flow of proposed interventions aimed at achieving optimal outcomes in regard to TB REACH’s project evaluation category. The stage-1 application window is generally open for five to six weeks.

Applicants that successfully pass stage-1 will subsequently be invited by TB REACH to stage-2 where applicants are given approximately six weeks to develop a full proposal. These full proposals build on the applicants’ respective stage-1 proposals, but contain much more information about the implementation of proposed interventions, set targets, process indicators, an established framework for impact evaluation as well as budget details.

Once the stage-2 application window closes, TB REACH’s independent Proposal Review Committee, during a two-week in-person meeting, assesses the proposals and makes recommendations for funding. The TB REACH team and the successful applicants subsequently negotiate and sign a grant agreement, and grants usually start being implemented approximately nine months following TB REACH’s launch for applications.

More details on the intermediate review steps realized throughout the two-stage application process can be found here.