TB REACH promotes innovative and new ways of detecting and supporting people with TB on treatment. TB REACH was an early and strong supporter of using the GeneXpert technology for more high-quality TB diagnosis. TB REACH grantees have been implementing a number of different approaches and technologies including TB LAM, sputum pooling, stool sampling for Xpert, Truenat, artificial intelligence for reading chest X-rays and microscopy results, ulta-portable x-rays, digital adherence technologies, near field communications, drones and many others.

Not only are TB REACH grantees using these new technologies and approaches, but they are using them in different ways to bring the technology closer to the point of care and directly benefit people with TB.

The pipeline of new diagnostics tools is growing and TB REACH will be ready to continue to support implementation and evaluation of these new tools as the become available, even before they are WHO approved. 

Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) can used for procurement of approved diagnostic  devices.