TB REACH focuses on TB-affected populations who would otherwise remain undiagnosed, untreated, or not reported to routine health programmes. During our selection process, we prioritize organizations and ideas that are people-centered and sourced at community level.

Organizations we support are either grass roots or closely linked and/or imbedded in affected communities.

Rapid selection and funding

We recognize that the effectiveness of the TB response depends not only on the quality of implementing a particular approach, but also on the timeliness of the implementation. Thus, we ensure that grantees receive their first tranche of funding within 3 months of being selected.

To help us expedite this process we draw on a broad network of TB experts from the global TB community to form an independent Proposal Review Committee (PRC). The PRC works tirelessly through a rapid application review process. Furthermore, we capitalize on the knowledge of the Stop TB Secretariat to perform the financial and technical checks necessary to administer funding.