This funding round supported 35 Wave 3 projects and the continuation of 15 Wave 2 projects. Wave 3 projects were selected on a competitive basis from more than 330 applications.

The funded projects (valued at USD 17 million) were implemented in 24 countries in Wave 3 (2013-2014). The projects offered great diversity regarding their innovative approaches and the various key populations they served in the locally different epidemiological and resource contexts. The portfolio of projects included:

  • Strengthening TB case finding among ‘ready-made garment’ factory workers in Bangladesh
  • Roving, active case finding to improve TB detection among older people in rural Cambodia
  • Scaling up a social enterprise mode to sell high-quality, low-cost digital chest X-rays and use of revenues to support private sector TB outreach and screening in Bangladesh
  • Implementing innovative screening and testing strategies to increase early TB case detection among miners and their families in Lesotho
  • Implementing mobile diagnostic case finding with the GeneXpert system among slum dwellers in Nepal
  • Increasing access to TB diagnostic and treatment services for at-risk and hard-to-reach populations through systematic screening in antenatal care clinics in Nigeria
  • Using GIS for expanding contact tracing radius for contact investigation of smear-positive TB patients in Pakistan
  • Intensifying TB case detection in transportation industry, focusing on truck drivers, commercial sex workers and immediate communities in South Africa