Following the TB REACH Wave 4 call for proposals 33 projects were selected for funding.


The selected projects, valued at USD 15.2 million, were implemented in 23 countries and offered great diversity regarding their innovative approaches and the various key populations they served in the locally different epidemiological and resource contexts. The portfolio of projects included:


  • Screening and contact investigation among inmates in Brazil
  • Integration of multi-symptom screening and systematic community screening into existing community TB services via village support health groups in Cambodia
  • Implementing GeneXpert testing of all smear-negative presumptive TB cases in most vulnerable populations in Guatemala
  • Increased and early TB case detection among tribal/indigenous populations through door-to-door screening in India
  • Active case finding among HIV key-affected populations (KAP) through using community-based KAP networks in Indonesia
  • Systematics screening of high-risk groups and organization of mobile chest camps via mobilization of frontline health work forces in Nepal
  • Establishing slum partnerships through inclusion of public health sector, community health workers and private clinics for improved and earlier TB case detection in Uganda
  • Using mHealth and incentives to promote increased TB screening and referrals among rural phamacists in Viet Nam