TB is ignored by governments and the public alike. This must change now!

Through a strategic mix of high-level advocacy and lobbying, media visibility, civil society action, online and offline campaigns and events, celebrity support and global influencers, the Stop TB Partnership aims to break through the veil that hides TB from public awareness and place it firmly on the global public and political agenda.

However, the fight against TB cannot be won without first listening to and supporting the people and communities affected by the disease. We work to amplify the voices of TB-affected communities as widely as possible, and at the highest level of political decision-making, and empower them to be both outspoken leaders and equal partners in a people-centered global response to the disease.

At the 2018 United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB, world leaders agreed to end TB by 2030. It’s time they keep this promise by committing the necessary funding and political will. Let's make sure they do.