AI-based computer-aided detection (CAD) products can provide an automated and standardized interpretation of digital chest X-rays for signs associated with TB. 

To meet the urgent global demand for technical assistance on the use of CAD and X-ray in TB programs, the Focus Group on AI-based Imaging for TB (FG-AITB) was launched as a global platform that brings together prospective, early, and experienced implementers.  

Coordinated by Stop TB Partnership FG-AITB kicked off with 20 implementers from countries spanning Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and South and South-East Asia. 

Our Objectives:  

  • Create a space for early, existing, and prospective CAD implementers and country programs to exchange experiences and lessons learned about using CAD in the TB response.  
  • Share resources and provide technical support to implement and scale-up these solutions. 
  • Facilitate global south-south connection, learning, and exchange in this subject area

Ongoing Activities

FG-AITB is currently hosting a series of interactive webinars for programmes to learn more about implementation of CAD and ultra-portable X-ray machines, featuring expert guest presenters from CAD developers to global policymakers, and experienced implementers.

Each webinar focuses on a topic of concern for members including CAD vendor selection, threshold selection, safety and regulation for using ultra-portable X-rays.

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