WHO consolidated guidelines on tuberculosis: Module 1: Prevention - infection prevention and control.

Released on 12 September 2022


The reformated version of WHO guidelines on tuberculosis infection prevention and control, 2019 update.


WHO operational handbook on tuberculosis: Module 1: Prevention: infection prevention and control.

Released on 31 August 2023.


ETTi plans in 2024 to address some inconsistencies and propose clarifications particularly to the environmental controls chapters of the Handbook

Tuberculosis Infection Control: A Practice Manual for Preventing TB, 2nd edition.

Curry International Tuberculosis Center/UCSF, 2022-2023


This manual is designed for use as a bridge between clinical and administrative staff and engineering consultants working to reduce the risk of tuberculosis transmission in health and community care settings. 

Minimum requirement for infection prevention and control programmes.

WHO, 2019


The guidance developed in prepandemic period, mostly focused on contact precautions.


Assessment tool in infection prevention and control minimum requirements for primary health care facilities

WHO, 2023



A tool to support the implementation of the above mentioned WHO minimum requirements for IPC programmes.


Infection prevention and control in the context of COVID-19: a guideline.

WHO, 2023



The guideline incudes overview of IPC principles and practices, and IPC measures in health-care facilities for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, as well as pertains to mitigation measures for COVID-19 in community settings

Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities.

CDC, Updated in July 2019



Guidelines for Preventing the Transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Health-Care Settings, 

CDC, 2005