Diagnostics connectivity solutions use electronic data from diagnostic instruments to rapidly send test results and multilaterally strengthen health systems by facilitating aggregation, analysis and decision-making. This allows for real-time monitoring of network performance and use, multi-disease surveillance, inventory management and optimized data management.

The introducing New Tools (iNTP) project is providing 5 countries with the components needed for scaling up diagnostics connectivity solutions to improve coverage of national diagnostic networks and optimize use of data.


Availability through Stop TB Partnership's GDF

In December 2021, the diagnostics connectivity solution DataToCare (Savics, Belgium) including the software, hardware, global SIM cards and associated services was made available at global access pricing. See also the GDF Diagnostics, Medical Devices & Other Health Products Catalog and GDF Diagnostics, Medical Devices & Other Health Products Ordering List. Contact GDF for detailed terms.


Resources for implementation

For more information on diagnostics connectivity solutions, visit the Stop TB Digital Health Technology Hub.