The introducing New Tools Project (iNTP) has supported the introduction and scale-up of digital adherence technologies (DATs) in 5 countries to empower TB-affected people to take their medication at a time and place that is convenient for them.

DATs are WHO-endorsed solutions designed to connect people remotely to the health centers while simultaneously providing timely and valuable adherence-related information to the healthcare workers, thus enabling more flexible, people-centred and tailored care.

Under the iNTP, together with the use of a hosted centralized DAT platform to capture and process the adherence data, the countries have used one or both DATs:

  • video supported treatment – an app that allows health workers to observe the medicine intake through video, and 
  • medication labels or sleeves– allow TB affected people to notify their health care providers about the medication intake by calling or texting a toll-free number. 

Visit the Country Experiences page to learn more about how DATs have been introduced under the project.

Countries that have implemented DATs under the project

Resources for implementation

  • Global DAT Task Force implementation materials can be found here