The introducing New Tools Project (iNTP) is the first large scale roll-out of ultra-portable X-ray devices that are battery-operated, emit lower doses of radiation, and can be packed into backpacks and so easily transported into the field. Under the project, 63 ultra-portable X-ray systems have been provided to 7 countries to facilitate detection of TB in hard-to-reach populations that currently face barriers to accessing services. Using ultra-portable X-rays in conjunction with CAD solutions and Truenat molecular diagnostics presents an opportunity to find TB cases in the most remote settings.


Countries implementing ultra-portable X-ray under the project


Availability through Stop TB Partnership's GDF

Two ultra-portable X-ray products (Delft Light and Fujifilm FDR Xair) are available through Stop TB’s GDF (prices as of January 2022 and subject to change; contact GDF for detailed terms). The systems are provided with all necessary components to operate in the field: 

  • Delft Light - $66,750
  • Fujifilm FDR Xair- $47,000

Equipment should be purchased with an installation and training package costing $2,500 for Delft Light and $2,000 for Fujifilm FDR Xair. Procurement includes an initial 1-year warranty that can be extended at extra cost for 1 year ($4,460 [Delft Light], $5,000 [Fujifilm FDR Xair]) or 3 years ($27,834 [Delft Light], $15,000 [Fujifilm FDR Xair]). A discount can be obtained when procuring the Delft Light with the CAD system CAD4TB. 

For more information, see the GDF Diagnostics, Medical Devices & Other Health Products Catalog and GDF Diagnostics, Medical Devices & Other Health Products Ordering List

Resources for implementation

Screening and Triage for TB using Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) Technology and Ultra-portable X-Ray Systems: A Practical Guide
PDF icon Download (21.53 MB)
Dépistage et triage de la tuberculose à l'aide de la technologie de détection assistée par ordinateur (DAO) et des systèmes de radiographie ultra-portables : Guide pratique
PDF icon Download (21.52 MB)
Скрининг и триаж на туберкулез с использованием технологии компьютеризированного обнаружения (CAD) и ультрапортативных рентгеновских систем Практическое руководство
PDF icon Download (4.64 MB)
Detección y triaje de la tuberculosis utilizando tecnología de detección asistida por computadora (CAD) y sistemas de rayos X ultraportátiles: una guía práctica
PDF icon Download (4.75 MB)