Meeting: The Global Fund, GDF, representatives of Consignment Inspection & Sampling agency, Quality Control testing laboratory

10 April 2015 - Meeting between The Global Fund, The Global Drug Facility and representatives of Consignment Inspection and Sampling agency and Quality Control testing laboratory

Wednesday 15th April
Global Fund: 9th floor Room 9B Nelson Mandela

Discuss the main issues related to Consignment Inspection and sampling between SGS India, the quality control laboratory and Intertek Italy, the Consignment Inspection agency.

The Global Fund represented by
Sophie Logez- Manager, Health Product Management Hub
Alain Prat-QA Specialist
Valerie.Pellet-Langlai-Analyst Sourcing department
Krishnaswamy Raghukumar-Consultant

The Global Drug Facility represented by
Nigorsulton Muzafarova, Product Quality Officer
Fabienne Jouberton, Procurement Team Leader

SGS India represented by SGS Netherlands
Ruitenbeek Leanne,
Brigitte Heiden, Sr. Project Coordinator
Geert Geerligs, Sr. Project Coordinator / Quality Coordinator

Intertek Italy represented by
Mr. Andrea Manca, Sales and Marketing Officer
Mr. Fabio Destefani, Operations Manager, Gov and Trade Services

International Dispensary Association (IDA) represented by
Wendy Eggen, Program Manager
Suzanne , Project (GDF) Programme Manager

See Agenda Here.