The Stop TB Partnership, in collaboration with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and its Infectious Disease Detection and Surveillance project (IDDS), developed training modules to support implementers of Ultra-Portable X-Ray and CAD. The content of the modules is based on the practical guide for the implementation of Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) Technology and Ultra-Portable X-Ray Systems. Two sets of these modules were created, tailored to decision makers and end-users respectively. Modules for decision makers are designed to empower TB programme managers to customize the modules for clinicians and end-users to meet local need. 

IDDS has also developed a number training resources on radiography, including both slides to download and instructional videos, which are hosted on the Stop TB website. These can be used as a complement to the training on CAD and ultra-portable X-ray. 

CAD and X-Ray Decision-Maker training modules


IDDS Radiography Training Modules (English)

IDDS Radiography Training Modules (French)

Image of first slide of module 2. Imagerie Conventionnelle
Image of first slide and title of French  version of module 3. Radiographie assistee par ordinateur
Image of first slide and title of French  version of module 4. Radiographie numerique