Currently, TB REACH is funding projects in three evaluation categories: (i) improving case detection, (ii) improving treatment adherence and outcomes, and (iii) innovative product development. During Funding Waves 1-4, TB REACH only awarded grants for improving case detection, and some TB REACH funding Waves were organized as thematic calls (i.e. on selected key populations or new diagnostics like the introduction of the GeneXpert system).With Wave 5, TB REACH has also established categories according to which projects can receive funding and have their projects’ success being evaluated on improving treatment adherence and outcomes or developing innovative products as TB service delivery aids. For the Wave 6 call for proposals, TB REACH also formulated several areas of focus to further guide applicants in their proposal development under the different project evaluation categories. Areas of focus included on engaging private health care providers, digitial adherence technologies as well as proposal linkages to the Global Fund’s Catalytic Funding for TB in 12 priority countries.

Irrespective of the evaluation category under which proposals or funded projects fall, they should always be designed in such a way that they contribute to the support of one or more of the 90-(90)-90 targets set forth in the PDF icon Global Plan to End TB 2016-2020