Names Organization Country of Work
Deliana Garcia (Board Member) Migrants Clinicians Network United States
Katy Kydd Wright (Interim Alternate Board Member) International Civil Society Support Canada
Joanne Carter RESULTS USA United States
Olya Golichenko Frontline AIDS United Kingdom
Janika Hauser RESULTS UK United Kingdom
Selamawit Bekele RESULTS USA Unites States
Robyn Christine Waite International Civil Society Support Canada

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Board Member, Migrant Clinicians Networks

Deliana (Del) has worked for 30 years to meet the health care needs of migrant workers and other underserved mobile populations. With expertise in reproductive health, access to primary care, chronic care management and infectious disease control and prevention, Del is responsible for the development of MCN’s Health Network, a global system of bridge case management to provide continuity of care and health records transfer across international border for migrants. She serves as a liaison between the governmental and nongovernmental health organizations of the United States and other countries.




Global Fund Advocates Network

Katy Kydd Wright is a Senior Policy Advisor and coordinates the Global Fund Advocates Network. Katy, who is based in Ottawa, Canada, spent close to a decade working for Canadian Parliamentarians in various roles at the House of Commons. Her work to introduce the first Canadian Access to Medicines regime, adopted in 2004, brought her into the field of community and civil society advocacy in global health. Katy was the Director of Campaigns at RESULTS Canada, where she led global health and poverty-related campaigns. In 2012, shortly after the formal launch of the Global Fund Advocates Network, Katy joined International Civil Society Support to coordinate GFAN and bring together voices to support a fully funded and effective Global Fund. GFAN hosted the Community and Civil Society Platform for the TB High-Level Meeting in 2018, and Katy has been a participant of the Developed Country NGO delegation to the Global Fund board since 2015. Katy joined the Developed Country NGO Delegation to the Stop TB Partnership Board in October 2019.



Joanne Carter



Frontline AIDS

Olya has been working with Frontline AIDS and Alliance for Public Health in Ukraine since 2006. In her diverse roles, Olya worked on harm reduction advocacy in Ukraine, profiling HIV/AIDS within the global health agenda (as part of Action for Global Health UK Network), harm reduction and drug policy advocacy in Asia. In 2009-2010, she joined UNICEF Ukraine to work closely with the Ministry of Health on health systems strengthening and restoring public trust to immunization. She has a keen interest in self-care among activists as well as monitoring and evaluation of advocacy work. Olya studied political sociology, anthropology and international health.




Janika is the senior parliamentary advocacy officer for TB with RESULTS UK and acts as policy adviser to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global TB in the UK Parliament. She is the Secretary to the UK Academics and Professionals to End TB Network, which she helped co-found. She holds a BA in Politics and International Relations and an MSc in Human Security. She has worked on TB since 2014 with a number of organizations, including NGOs, UN agencies, and academic institutions.