Stories from the Field - October 2023

Country-Level Platform Partnerships

The Stop TB Partnership is dedicated to enhancing tuberculosis (TB) care at the country level through collaboration with National Tuberculosis Control Programmes (NTP) and aligning with The Global Plan to End TB. Their country-level partnership platforms have made significant progress in advocating for ending TB by 2030 through coordination and collaborative initiatives.

Stop TB Partnership Ghana

Enhanced Collaboration: Stop TB Partnership Ghana recently hosted a virtual meeting with its members, including Implementing Partners of the country platform. During the meeting, updates on the implementation of grant activities were shared, with a particular focus on the ongoing establishment of regional advocacy committees as part of the CFCS R11 initiative. This collaborative effort demonstrates the commitment to advancing TB control in Ghana.




Stop TB Partnership Cambodia

Highlighting TB Eradication Efforts: Stop TB Partnership Cambodia presented the country's plan for scaling up community-led monitoring (CLM), including the CLM cycle and action framework, during the concluding day of the Asia-Pacific TB CLM Exchange Meeting held from October 18 to 20, 2023, in Manila, Philippines. The national CLM scale-up plan was collaboratively developed by the NTP, KHANA, and TB people in Cambodia for implementation in 2024 and beyond, emphasizing the commitment to ending TB.



Volunteer Health Services (VHS)

Highlighting TB Eradication Efforts: VHS organized a TB and Mental Health Tournament at the Federal Prison. Recognizing that prisoners are a key and highly vulnerable population when it comes to TB, this tournament held significant importance. The event, which took place at Kality Federal Prison, received overwhelming support from partners and the community, underscoring the collective commitment to addressing TB in vulnerable populations.




Fact Malawi

Emphasizing Collaborative Efforts: Strategic partnerships play a pivotal role in the fight against TB in Malawi. On October 12, 2023, FACT convened a meeting with MANET, MANASO, and PARADISO TB Patients Trust to discuss and formulate an effective implementation strategy for our Global Fund joint TB-HIV epidemic control program, which is currently underway in ten districts in Malawi. This collaborative effort underscores the collective commitment to combatting TB and HIV in the region.




Stop TB Partnership DRC

Elevated Advocacy Efforts: Between October 1 and 8, 2023, Stop TB Partnership DRC actively participated in the 27th Annual Review of Leprosy and Tuberculosis Programs, focusing on communication, prevention, diagnosis, and management. The overarching theme was "Innovations in the Fight against Leprosy and TB within a Framework of Strengthening the Health System for Effective CSU Implementation." During this event, the Director of Stop TB Partnership DRC delivered a presentation highlighting the initiatives related to suspected Tuberculosis, emphasizing the extensive awareness campaign conducted alongside the JMT 2023. This demonstrates the organization's commitment to advancing the fight against these diseases and bolstering the healthcare system



Stop TB Partnership Tajikistan

Elevated Advocacy Engagement: On October 12, 2023, Stop TB Partnership Tajikistan actively participated in a strategic meeting concerning the "National Program for the Protection of the Population from Tuberculosis in the Republic of Tajikistan for 2021-2025." The gathering included esteemed participants from the World Medicines Organization, representatives of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan, specialists in the field, development partners, and non-governmental organizations dedicated to safeguarding the population from tuberculosis. During the meeting, an international team of experts presented valuable insights and recommendations about both accomplishments and challenges in the realm of mid-term implementation. A technical working group, composed of 15 international specialists, was carefully selected for the mid-term assessment of the National Program for the Protection of the Population from TB in the Republic of Tajikistan for the years 2021-2025. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment to enhancing the fight against tuberculosis and protecting the population.


Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe

Advocacy in the Spotlight: The Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe collaborated with a young TB survivor from Mutare to create a compelling advocacy video. This video drew inspiration from the survivor's journey with TB, highlighting her fervent wish to witness accessible TB services for all individuals affected by TB. The video, released during the United High-Level Meeting on TB, is a testament to the partnership's dedication to amplifying the voices of affected communities within the realm of TB advocacy. It stands as a symbol of the commitment to breaking down structural barriers, including long distances to healthcare facilities, and facilitating comprehensive access to TB services. This powerful initiative contributes to the collective effort to combat TB effectively.