Around a quarter of the global population is estimated to be infected with the TB bacterium, with 5-10% of those developing active disease. TB preventive therapy (TPT) is given to people who have been exposed to TB infection (e.g., household contacts), who are infected with TB bacteria (i.e., people with latent disease), or who are at higher risk of developing the disease than the general population (e.g., people living with HIV) to destroy any TB bacteria before the development of active disease.

Countries committed at the 2018 UN High-Level Meeting on TB to provide TPT to 20 million household contacts 5 years old and over and 4 million contacts under 5 years old. By the end of 2020, countries were significantly behind in meeting these targets.  









Source: 2021 WHO Global TB Report


The introducing New Tools Project (iNTP) provided 3HR regimens for treatment of 167,000 people across 6 countries with a focus on contacts of people diagnosed with TB.


Countries that have implemented TPT under the project

Availability through Stop TB Partnership's GDF

Medicines for TB preventive therapy are available at global access prices in Stop TB’s GDF Medicines Catalog.