Stories from the Field - November 2023

Country-Level Platform Partnerships

The Stop TB Partnership is dedicated to enhancing tuberculosis (TB) care at the country level through collaboration with National Tuberculosis Control Programmes (NTP) and aligning with The Global Plan to End TB. Their country-level partnership platforms have made significant progress in advocating for ending TB by 2030 through coordination and collaborative initiatives.

VSH Ethiopia

In November 2023 VHS launched the Ethiopian TB Awards, an interesting and exciting innovation from the field. The mission of recognizing the best-performing leadership, health professionals, health facilities, and others is to promote excellence in TB healthcare. By identifying and acknowledging those who excel in their respective roles, this initiative aims to inspire and motivate others to strive for higher standards in providing quality healthcare services.

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Stop TB Partnership Tanzania

The office of the Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania coordinated and led public sector engagement in planning and implementing TB-related activities, leveraging their respective strengths. A key meeting was held, attended by the Director of Policy and Planning from 26 ministries. The Ministry of Health, alongside the Stop TB Partnership, had provided technical support to non-health ministries to integrate TB prevention into their primary functions. These efforts were geared towards eradicating TB by 2030. Furthermore, Health Promotion Tanzania, as the secretariat for Tanzania's Stop TB, had offered strategic guidance and operational support for the Tanzania MAF-TB compact.



Stop TB Partnership Kenya

At the 1st Africa TB Expert Meeting, deliberations focused on the strategies for implementing the 2023 UNHLM declarations on TB. Present were TB experts from National TB Programs, along with development and implementing partners, civil society, and community representatives from the African region. These participants engaged in discussions and formulated standards for TB screening and prevention, aiming to guide TB control interventions throughout Africa.




Stop TB Partnership Ghana

Beginning in November 2023, STB Ghana had organized several capacity-building workshops in the Northern zone. These workshops emphasized the importance of advocating for community rights and gender, especially in TB-affected populations, and focused significantly on implementing the TBImpactGH application platform. The board chairman had called for collaboration among members and stakeholders in their regions and districts to meet the global goal of ending TB by 2030. Consequently, the regional advocacy committees were prepared to advocate for logistical, material, and financial resources to combat TB, while considering community rights and gender in their efforts.



Stop TB Partnership DRC

On November 3, 2023, Stop TB DRC actively engaged in a critical meeting in Kinshasa, focusing on the battle against Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and Malaria, particularly among individuals living with disabilities. During this significant event, STBP DRC not only shared their valuable insights and experiences in combating tuberculosis but also witnessed the appointment of community managers for people living with disabilities (PVH). These managers play a crucial role in heightening awareness about these prevalent diseases.


Stop TB Partnership Pakistan

DC SDINH, in partnership with the Dopasi Foundation, recently conducted an advanced training session for healthcare providers on the Programmatic Management of TB Preventive Treatment (PM TPT). This training brought together key medical personnel, including Medical Officers, Pulmonologists, TB-DOTS Incharges, and Screeners from various health facilities. The Dopasi Foundation was instrumental in organizing and providing orientation on the ePrevent TB and OneImpact applications. Additionally, essential recording and reporting tools for PM TPT were distributed to the participants.

Thanks to this collaborative effort, healthcare providers are now well-equipped with the latest National Guidelines on PM TPT and are adept in utilizing innovative digital technologies such as ePrevent TB and OneImpact. This event marks a significant milestone in improving healthcare service quality in the region, showcasing a commitment to leveraging technology and expert knowledge in the fight against tuberculosis.

Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe

The Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe showcased its initiatives at Mine Entra 2023, Zimbabwe's foremost mining expo, held at the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre (ZITF) in Bulawayo from November 1st to 3rd. This significant event, a collaborative effort of the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development and the Chambers of Mines Zimbabwe, brought to light the increased vulnerability of miners to tuberculosis (TB). Amidst celebrating the mining sector's achievements, the expo underscored the necessity of a multi-sectoral response to the health challenges miners face. Themed “Accelerating Economic Transformation through Mineral Beneficiation”, Mine Entra served as an invaluable platform for fostering private sector partnerships, crucial for combating the TB epidemic. Participation in this event marked a strategic move to align efforts in tackling TB within the mining community.


Stop TB Partnership Tajikistan

In Tajikistan, celebrated figures and Stop TB Ambassadors are at the forefront of the battle against tuberculosis (TB). Their ongoing commitment involves disseminating crucial TB information, elevating the disease's profile, combating stigma, and shaping public opinion. These National Celebrities not only lend their voices to petitions and advocacy letters but also engage in pivotal TB advocacy meetings with key decision-makers. Recently, a prominent Stop TB Ambassador and leader of a theatre studio appeared on this month’s "TO THE POINT" program. Through a blend of creativity and sharp wit, they effectively communicated vital TB messages, emphasizing the public's role in ending TB. Catch this engaging and informative dialogue here:


From our side:

We been actively assisting Stop TB Partnership Zimbabwe in preparation for the upcoming 22nd Edition of the 2023 ICASA conference scheduled for the 4- 9th December 2023 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Our support includes providing ideas and coordinating all STB national platforms to create short videos highlighting the work they have done so far. The individual videos will be compiled into a single video production, which will be showcased at the Community booth throughout the entire six-day duration of the ICASA conference.