The need for continued roll-out and scale-up of molecular technologies including Xpert MTB/RIF to increase testing coverage and to detect cases rapidly and accurately, and to provide universal drug susceptibility testing for all cases at risk has never been clearer. This current training offers comprehensive resources for training with the aim to strengthen laboratory capacity at the local and national level to support the uptake and universal access to TB diagnostics.

The training package is comprised of three major components:

Part 1: Programme Modules for Diagnostic Network Strengthening

To download all files in one zipped folder (29.9 MB), click here.

2: Technical Modules for Xpert MTB/RIF (Ultra)

To download all files in one zipped folder (19.4 MB), click here.

Additional technical resources (developed by manufacturer)

These modules provide information on GeneXpert technologies, installation and other considerations, including information about technical support. To access these resources, refer to these links: trainingvideos.

Note: This updated training package is currently only available in English. Translated versions in French, Portuguese and Russian of the earlier Training Package on XPERT MTB/RIF are accessible here.